Infranea supports TEC in future-proofing the tunnels of Amsterdam


Project description

Amsterdam’s municipality wants to guarantee the integral road tunnel system’s future management and maintenance and has therefore started the Amsterdam Road Tunnels Action Programme. This program will tackle three tunnels and the traffic control centre. The municipality has asked Tunnel Engineering Consultants (TEC, an enduring partnership between Royal HaskoningDHV and Witteveen+Bos) to support this program in the coming years.TEC has hired Infranea as a partner to support BIM, 3D design and Digital Twin development.

TEC, together with Infranea, will support and advise the municipality within the program on:

  • the renovation of the Piet Hein tunnel
  • improving the technical installations in the Amsterdam Arena tunnel
  • improving fire resistance in the Michiel de Ruijter tunnel
  • modernisation of the Traffic Control Centre Amsterdam.

The work involves various disciplines such as tunnel safety, fire safety, installations, operation, control, and monitoring systems. This work will be carried out during the design, implementation and commissioning phases. The total contract extends over a period of approximately four years. On the one hand, this will contribute to tunnel safety and availability, and on the other hand, to a uniform future-oriented road tunnel system and traffic control centre.

More information about the Amsterdam Road Tunnels Action Program

Our approach


The programmatic approach is based on extensive digitisation. Finally, it will be assessed on the manageability, availability and security of the tunnel system. This means, among other things, that errors must be removed as early as possible in the process. Working with digital tunnel twins makes the conversations about that much easier. You can show with a Virtual Reality environment what you are doing. For example, you can show how calamities are handled and check whether the new design is clear enough for the road user. This also helps to provide insight to the competent authority and emergency services.

Based on an integrated BIM approach, which we are tackling on this project together with TEC, we work on 3D models that, on the one hand, support the design and realisation phase and, on the other hand, serve as input to develop the Digital Tunnel Twins. This Digital Tunnel Twin will serve for the virtual testing of the tunnel(s) systems, whereby errors must be brought to light as early as possible without the need for the physical tunnel. Also, for educating, training and practising, the traffic controllers (and possibly in the future tunnel manager and emergency services) will use the Digital Tunnel Twins to play an important role.

Hereby we also link up with the projects of “Centrum Ondergrond Bouwen“(COB), namely “Hinderarm renoveren” and “Digitaal aantonen“.


Involvement of Infranea

As a partner of TEC, Infranea delivers the added value, but not limited to, in the following parts:

  • In good harmony with TEC, the elaboration of the BIM Execution Plan is the basis for all BIM-related activities within the program;
  • Coordination of third-party scanning activities of Piet Hein Tunnel and Michel de Ruijtertunnel;
  • 3D Modeling and BIM Coordination of existing situation Piet Hein tunnel and Michel the Ruijtertunnel through supplied 3D scan data;
  • 3D (parametric) design and BIM Coordination renovation work Piet Hein tunnel within the alliance with the contractor consortium;
  • Providing the technical expertise for the functional and technical design of the Digital Tunnel Twins.


During the further realisation and implementation of the Digital Tunnel Twins Infranea is responsible for the Scrum process and the technical aspects substantive development activities. According to capacity and knowledge, all activities follow the “governance” structures as with TEC agreed, and all parties complement each other within the program.

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Start: 2020

End: 2024


Tunnel Engineering Consultants


Peter Schakel, Jeroen Groenewegen

The Digital Tunnel Twins not only help to gain insight into the impact of design choices more quickly and also to better coordinate them, but it also helps to make clear to external stakeholders how the tunnel will soon be operational.

Peter Schakel, BIM Manager and DTT Program Manager

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