Contract extension for Infranea and Strukton Systems

Project description

After a successful four-month collaboration, the partnership with Strukton was recently extended. Infranea will support Strukton until at least the end of May in making BIM models operational for the Proof of Concepts stations Alphen aan de Rijn (GIS), Rijssen and Raalte (AIS).

EU-303 framework agreement

Strukton Systems has been selected as one of nine parties to work with TenneT for at least the next five years on the expansion and renewal of 140 high-voltage substations.

From the design to the entire realisation, Strukton will carry out the projects integrally. In addition, the framework agreement provides maximum scope for developments in the areas of process digitisation, cooperation, safety and sustainability and the incorporation of innovation. The biggest joint challenge is to improve and, above all, accelerate TenneT’s programme assignment around EU-303.

Because Infranea is acting as partner for the Proof of Concept stations, Strukton is learning a lot about making BIM models operational. This knowledge will be included towards the framework agreement for the EU-303. At the time the EU-303 starts, the intention is that Strukton will independently take up coordination. At this stage, it is likely that Infranea will still join for further advice. This may involve further deployment of our experts on BIM direction and Systems Engineering, among other things.

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Our approach

Operationally, Infranea provides updates to the BIM 3D coordination model and provides input to BIM 4D planning. With regard to design, we receive input through interface management and design clashes. We also monitor the agreements made in terms of storage and naming of models.

As Infranea, we provide advice to and are an implementation partner of Strukton Systems when it comes to IT architecture, information modeling, optimization and digitization of the delivery process and the optimization of BIM modeling processes.

The great thing about this is that we do everything AS ONE. This is achieved through periodic consultation with the modelers and system engineers involved, periodic management consultations, in which decisions in the area of digitization are taken in a well-considered and transparent manner, and an open culture in which the interests of Strukton Systems are paramount in both the short and long term.

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Start: September 2020
End: May 2021




Strukton Systems

Project Budget


Project Coordinator

Martin Lodder, Peter Schakel en Pieter Roozenbeek

Together we are on a moving train with the Proof of Concept projects. Along the way, we look at which improvement processes we are implementing.

Martin Lodder, BIM director

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