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Scheldt Tunnel Oosterweel Link

The Scheldt Tunnel forms the most important element of the Oosterweel Link and will complete the Antwerp Ring Road on the northern side. The tunnel has a total length of 1,800m and will be constructed in line with the “immersed tunnel” method. In order to do so, 8 tunnel elements of around 60,000 tons each will be constructed in the Rear Port of Zeebrugge and then floated via the North Sea and the Western Scheldt to Antwerp. There, they will be immersed one after another in a previously dredged trench in the Scheldt.


The Koningstunnel is a complex structure next to the central station in The Hague, with entrance and exit lanes and differences in the number of lanes per traffic tube and tunnel section. This tunnel also contains as many as 40 technical installations, including lighting, ventilation, traffic detection, etc. In 2019, all obsolete equipment will be replaced and new equipment will be fitted to meet new tunnel safety requirements. The service building will also be modernised and expanded.

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