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Infranea always helps clients to be one step ahead by applying Process & Contract management.

Projects always under control

Organising large, complex infrastructure projects is not easy. Factors such as Technology (including information technology, integration with existing assets, sustainability and circularity), Strategy (globalisation, niche markets, partners and lifecycle thinking) and Organisation (multiple stakeholders, social and environmental aspects, influence of end-users) are co-determining factors in terms of the complexity of a project. As the complexity of the project increases, so do the risks.

Infranea offers expertise in order to be better ‘in control’ of your projects. Here, we make an in-depth analysis with the client of the required processes, identifying risks and opportunities, demarcating the solution, defining methods and products as well as specifying the data and information structure. Systems Engineering (SE) and Common Data Environments (CDE) lay the foundation for an up-to-date, complete a traceable data and information environment. This commits us as a full lifecycle partner focused on high-quality projects realised together with our customers that contribute significantly to a higher standard of living.

The advantages of Process & Contracts management:

  • Validation of design
  • Better coordination with stakeholders
  • Identifying problems more quickly
  • More efficient collaboration
  • Predictable project results

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David Peters - Contracts & Process manager

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