Dick Elsman talks about his job as BIM Automation Engineer for Oosterweel link

Dick Elsman is a BIM Automation Engineer at Infranea. He tells us about his work on Belgium's building site of the century: Antwerp's Oosterweel link. We take a look at the daily activities in BIM Automation. We learn about the great advantages, but also the challenges. He tells us about what motivates him in his job. Finally, Dick gives some tips to candidates wishing to follow in his footsteps.   What does a BIM Automation Engineer do? It appears that Dick's main ambition is to make ...


What’s in the DNA of digital engineers at Infranea and how do they transform the world of infrastructure?

Johan Kuppens, CEO Infranea, about how do they transform the world of infrastructure. For years, digital engineers at Infranea have been using advanced software to digitise design details. This creates tremendous potential in terms of 3D-design, BIM-services and VR-simulation. However, ‘digital engineering’ is so much more than that. What does this mean for Infranea, what are the customer benefits and what does the future hold? An inspiring discussion with Johan Kuppens, the founder of Infr...

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How does 100% digital collaboration perform now that we really have to?

What have the first two weeks of telework in times of the coronavirus been like for the Infranea team? From strict meeting etiquette to virtual coffee breaks, as well as some hardware tips. Five lessons for better digital collaboration. Like many people, Infranea's digital engineers have been working from home for two weeks now to slow the spread of the coronavirus. This has meant organising a team of over forty people in three different countries to work on projects in the areas of 3D design, ...

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Daniel and Kevin’s digital twins

What are the benefits of digital twins in infrastructure projects? We asked Kevin Derksen and Daniel Purwin, digital engineers at Infranea, why they are passionate about digital twins and how they apply their knowledge in their work. They are convinced that digital twins play an important role in the digital transformation of the infrastructure sector. We find out why! Where does this passion for digital twins stem from? "My background is in the gaming sector", explains Kevin. Designing digit...

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Meet Infranea’s team of digital engineers in Valencia

Patricia Moreno Barbero, architect-engineer and BIM Manager at Infranea, explains to us the benefits of working with Infranea’s digital engineers based in Valencia and why they are so sought after for projects in the Netherlands and Belgium? Seven Spanish digital engineers at Infranea “The digital engineering team of Infranea is well known in The Netherlands and Belgium, but not everyone is aware of the “Spanish connection” (the nickname for our Spanish colleagues, ed). Seven digital ...

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Infranea joins VK Architects & Engineers.

Infranea further empowers its ambitions in digital engineering through upscaling. VK Architects & Engineers is a design and engineering office with more than 65 years' experience and is primarily active in Healthcare Design and Building Engineering in Europe and South-East Asia. Owing to both companies' shared values, complementary expertise and increased scale, Infranea intends to further empower its ambitions in 3D design, BIM services and VR simulations. We asked for a brief explanation...

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