Daniel and Kevin’s digital twins

What are the benefits of digital twins in infrastructure projects? We asked Kevin Derksen and Daniel Purwin, digital engineers at Infranea, why they are passionate about digital twins and how they apply their knowledge in their work. They are convinced that digital twins play an important role in the digital transformation of the infrastructure sector. We find out why! Where does this passion for digital twins stem from? "My background is in the gaming sector", explains Kevin. Designing digit...


Meet Infranea’s team of digital engineers in Valencia

Patricia Moreno Barbero, architect-engineer and BIM Manager at Infranea, explains to us the benefits of working with Infranea’s digital engineers based in Valencia and why they are so sought after for projects in the Netherlands and Belgium? Seven Spanish digital engineers at Infranea “The digital engineering team of Infranea is well known in The Netherlands and Belgium, but not everyone is aware of the “Spanish connection” (the nickname for our Spanish colleagues, ed). Seven digital ...


Infranea joins VK Architects & Engineers.

Infranea further empowers its ambitions in digital engineering through upscaling. VK Architects & Engineers is a design and engineering office with more than 65 years' experience and is primarily active in Healthcare Design and Building Engineering in Europe and South-East Asia. Owing to both companies' shared values, complementary expertise and increased scale, Infranea intends to further empower its ambitions in 3D design, BIM services and VR simulations. We asked for a brief explanation...


What makes a team of digital engineers so unique at Infranea?

Based on their experiences with the Aalter-Beernem project, Angus, Jeroen and Jens are searching for answers. Infranea deployed a team of six for the Aalter-Beernem project (Belgium), three of whom were full-time: Angus (3D design and BIM coordination), Jeroen (Infrastructure) and Jens (Artwork). We asked them how they work alongside one another as digital engineers, what advantages this delivers for the customer and what we can learn from it for future projects.


Flo and Jur were particularly attracted by the pleasant work environment.

A conversation with the new generation of digital engineers at Infranea. Flo and Jur laugh during our meeting, at their head office in the modern Bond Park in Breda, when we tell them that three-letter names are fashionable at Infranea. Indeed, when you add Kim, Max and Lut, it does appear to be quite a trend at Infranea. Naturally, it's not the length of your name that's important, but the pleasant work environment, the right attitude and the challenging projects. That was the conclusion reach...


A chat with BIM coordinator Anass Fizazi.

How is it going on the... Theemseweg route project? We asked digital engineer Anass Fizazi (27) from Infranea about the state of play of the Theemseweg route project, and what his contribution is to making this project a success. Why did you choose Infranea back in the day? I studied Civil Engineering at Avans Hogeschool in 's-Hertogenbosch. When I graduated two years ago, I had the choice straightaway between five employers. I chose Infranea. Primarily because I felt much more enthusiasm at ...


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