VK Architects & Engineers awarded with Best Managed Company-label

We are proud to be awarded with the ‘Best Managed Company’ label. The label is a recognition of Belgian companies by an independent jury for their clear strategy, extensive expertise, commitment and financial performance. 

Resilience & sustainability 

Besides that, the label is also a recognition for resilience & sustainability.  “Resilience is the quality of the organization to be able to respond quickly and be prepared for uncertainties and ensuring they can survive and thrive”, states Nikolaas Tahon, Best Managed Companies Programme Leader. “ A resilient company is able to achieve sustainability, overcome economic hardship and act steadfastly in the face of increasing uncertainty, such as the current COVID-19 crisis.” 

Since 2018, Deloitte Private and Econopolis, assisted by KU Leuven, are looking for hidden gems in the Belgian entrepreneurial world. 

Our teams, customers & partners are part of this journey 

“It was a very interesting journey. Besides strategy alignment and implementation, we are also monitored on talent engagement, leadership and innovation that leads to sustainable financial growth”, states Karel Verhaeghe, CFO VK Architects & Engineers.  

The VK strategy plan contains a clear vision and strategy. Paul Corbeel, CEO VK Architects & Engineers: ”Both our teams, customers & partners play a very important role in our day-to-day business, but even more in the execution and implementation of our plan. So we already look forward to taking the next steps for realizing our mission: valuing the well-being of people and planet by offering full life-cycle design solutions. ” 

Life-cycle design thinking holds a central position in the company’s sustainability strategy. Circularity, mobility, environment, well-being of people & planet, … Almost all conceivable sustainable disciplines are anchored in the company for years.  In order to measure the impact of their sustainable approach, VK Architects & Engineers will focus even more on digitalization in the coming years.  

We are proud to receive the Best Managed Company label and see it as a recognition towards our teams, customers and partners 


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