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Why was Infranea founded?

For 30 years, Johan Kuppens has been driven to improve processes in the infrastructure sector. When the first 3D design software came onto the market in the mid-1980s, he played a pioneering role in this domain at the software company Infrasoft. Johan already understood the impact 3D modelling software would have on the highly traditional approach to design and construction processes, long before the notion of disruptive technology became known. In 2004, he decided to set up Infranea, with the aim of creating a team of 3D experts around him to apply these tools and methods to leading infrastructure projects, drawing on their passion.

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Johan Kuppens, Founder

Infranea applies 5 essential values:

– Respect
– Passion
– Innovation
– Quality
– Sustainability

Infranea’s mission

Infranea strives to play a leading role in the digital transformation of the infrastructure sector. With Digital Engineering services, we foster collaboration between all disciplines and stakeholders throughout the life cycle of projects.

Our open and collaborative company culture

The flat corporate culture of Infranea promotes collaboration, knowledge sharing and innovation. Employees indicate that they are appreciated and that they are listened to. The horizontal management structure ensures direct and transparent contact with all employees.

In our corporate culture, people are always central. They work together respectfully as one team. No technological innovation is allowed to get in the way of this.

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What does the name Infranea mean?

The name Infranea stands for “intelligent new infrastructure”.

“Infra” is an abbreviation of infrastructure, where the -i- also stands for an intelligent way to realise infrastructure. “Nea” comes from the ancient Greek word “neos”, meaning “new”. Infranea’s employees are passionate about new technology and innovation applied to the infrastructure sector.

Infranea is part of VK Architects & Engineers

VK Architects & Engineers is a design and engineering office with more than 65 years’ experience and is primarily active in Healthcare Design and Building Engineering in Europe and South-East Asia. Owing to both companies’ shared values, complementary expertise and increased scale, Infranea intends to further empower its ambitions in 3D design, BIM services and VR simulations.

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