Area Development for Oostelijke Langstraat

Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands

Project description

As commissioned by the Province of North Brabant, the alliance Mourik-BESIX (CMB) is implementing the project Gebiedsontwikkeling Oostelijke Langstraat (‘Area Development Oostelijke Langstraat’, GOL). The preparatory works, such as requesting permits, area investigations and the design, have since begun.

Oostelijke Langstraat is the area on both sides of the A59 between ‘s-Hertogenbosch and Waalwijk. The Province of North Brabant is collaborating with the municipalities of Heusden,‘s-Hertogenbosch and Waalwijk, Water Board Aa & Maas and the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management on a substantial improvement to Oostelijke Langstraat. The aim of this broad area approach is threefold:

  • Nature: the implementation of three ecological connection zones to implement part of the Brabant Nature Network;
  • Water: Protective measures to further safeguard ’s-Hertogenbosch and its surroundings against high water;
  • Traffic: increasing the liveability of the surrounding villages by getting traffic to its place of destination via the right route, with as little as possible via the town centres.

More information is available on the project website.

Our approach

On the basis of our expertise, the experienced designers at Infranea have been tasked with drawing up the provisional, final and implementation (road) design based on the reference design, as well as consulting on resolving and incorporating overlaps from the LEAN design. The integrated approach will align the road design with water management, geotechnics, geohydrology and civil engineering. We will also be managing our own share of the project in terms of verification and validation as components of the systems engineering methodology.


Start date: April 2020
End date: March 2022


Provincie Noord-Brabant


• Mourik

Project Coordinator

Michel Dekker

The challenge of a tight schedule, in combination with choosing a high-quality solution, is something we devote ourselves to with passion every day.

Michel Dekker

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