Project description

The Directorate General for Public Works and Water Management wanted to widen the A6 traffic lanes between Almere Havendreef and Almere Buiten-Oost to four lanes for each direction. This was partly because of the next edition of the extensive Floriade world horticultural exhibition planned for 2022. The work is part of the road SAA (Schiphol, Amsterdam, Almere) expansion project. In the future, Almere is expected to grow by 45,000 to 60,000 homes, which is more than that indicated in the original plans from the 1980s. The current capacity of the A6 creates a bottleneck for the Floriade’s 20,000 visitors per day. Moreover, traffic between the Amsterdam region and the north of the country continues to grow steadily, which made it necessary to increase the traffic capacity of the A6 Almere Havendreef – Almere Buiten-Oost. It has become the first energy-neutral motorway in the Netherlands.

Infranea has been involved in the project from the implementation phase. It focuses on 3D (road) design, 3D design phasing, BIM, and visualisations.

Infranea has been commissioned to create a Virtual Reality (VR) environment for one of the major phases of the new slip road at Almere Haven. The environment is specifically tailored for environmental management and communication. This slip road is located at the former Sturmeypad and can be reached via the newly constructed Steigerdreef through the De Steiger District. The new slip roads replace the current Almere Haven slip roads to Lelystad at the Oorweg. The VR environment provides a 360-degree panoramic video, which is used to inform road users about the new slip road.

Below, drag your mouse in the video and look around the 360-degree panorama to see what it is like to drive on this new slip road of the A6 towards Lelystad. Make sure you also pay attention to the detail on the car’s navigation screen.

Project video


Start: 2017

End: 2019




Contractor combination Parkway6 (Dura Vermeer Groep NV, Besix Group SA, RebelValley BV en John Laing Investments Limited)


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