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Having good accessibility to Rotterdam, Lansingerland, and the surrounding region is important for a strong economy and decent quality of life. The A16 Rotterdam will contribute to this. The new 11-kilometre-long and energy-neutral motorway connects the A16 at the Terbregseplein with the A13 at Rotterdam The Hague Airport. It is being built by De Groene Boog, a construction consortium consisting of BESIX, Dura Vermeer, Van Oord, and the TBI companies Croonwolter&dros and Mobilis. The consortium was commissioned by the Directorate General for Public Works and Water Management.

Infranea developed a driving simulation game especially for Expo A16 Rotterdam, the interactive experience centre about the construction of the new motorway. Visitors can visit the centre to learn about the future of the road in a playful manner.
The game features a realistic display where players perform different tasks and/or driving proficiency skills that are linked to a scoring system. The score provides a conclusion as to whether or not you drove safely on the new road.

TWIN16 is the basis of the game, which is the digital twin of the entire route, including the tunnel. A Virtual Reality (VR) environment was the basis for TWIN16, which was created entirely using a 3D design and BIM models. This VR environment was kept up-to-date during all project phases so that the most current version was always available. For more information, see: TWIN 16.

Project video


Start: 2019

End: 2020




De Groene Boog A16 – a building combination of BESIX, Dura Vermeer, Van Oord en TBI-bedrijven Croonwolter&dros en Mobilis


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