Personal Development at Infranea

As a young, ambitious, and growing organization, we at Infranea excel in digital engineering for infrastructure projects. Infranea fosters an open culture centered on learning and innovation. Our employees, most of whom possess technical backgrounds at the HBO or WO level, contribute to a friendly and inclusive atmosphere that promotes a strong sense of unity and collaboration. This collective spirit enables us to attract and connect with new team members even in a competitive job market. It ...


Ten Information Engineers connected by one tunnel

Find out why the Infranea team behind the Antwerp Scheldt tunnel project is so unique A unique team for a unique project For Infranea, the project team has grown considerably with ten Information Engineers. The team is now bigger just for Lot 3B of the Rechteroever River (this includes the R1 Noord ring road and channel tunnels), which is the other project that Infranea is involved in for the Oosterweel connection (read more about that project here). This increase was necessary because diff...

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Christian’s switch to 3D modelling

‘I wouldn't want to do anything else’ With a girlfriend and two kids at home, ‘All's well that ends well’ is how the story of Christian Stolwijk (35) from Waalwijk, begins. He is currently employed as a BIM (Building Information Modelling) Engineer at Infranea. This has been his secret dream job for several years. "I feel totally at home here, which is really a great feeling. This applies to the company as well as to the projects I'm working on. I wouldn't want to do anything else." ...

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VK Architects & Engineers awarded with Best Managed Company-label

We are proud to be awarded with the ‘Best Managed Company’ label. The label is a recognition of Belgian companies by an independent jury for their clear strategy, extensive expertise, commitment and financial performance.  Resilience & sustainability  Besides that, the label is also a recognition for resilience & sustainability.  “Resilience is the quality of the organization to be able to respond quickly and be prepared for uncertainties and ensuring they can survive a...


Dick Elsman talks about his job as BIM Automation Engineer for Oosterweel link

Dick Elsman is a BIM Automation Engineer at Infranea. He tells us about his work on Belgium's building site of the century: Antwerp's Oosterweel link. We take a look at the daily activities in BIM Automation. We learn about the great advantages, but also the challenges. He tells us about what motivates him in his job. Finally, Dick gives some tips to candidates wishing to follow in his footsteps.   What does a BIM Automation Engineer do? It appears that Dick's main ambition is to make ...


What’s in the DNA of digital engineers at Infranea and how do they transform the world of infrastructure?

Johan Kuppens, CEO Infranea, about how do they transform the world of infrastructure. For years, digital engineers at Infranea have been using advanced software to digitise design details. This creates tremendous potential in terms of 3D-design, BIM-services and VR-simulation. However, ‘digital engineering’ is so much more than that. What does this mean for Infranea, what are the customer benefits and what does the future hold? An inspiring discussion with Johan Kuppens, the founder of Infr...

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