Human factor analyses in virtual reality

Project description

The Institute for Mobility (IMOB) is shaping the mobility of the future by providing science-based solutions to the big challenges facing society and industry. IMOB is active in the fields of mobility and traffic safety and focuses on travel behaviour. It does so by studying the interaction between behaviour, infrastructure and technology. This interaction is complex, but the insights gained from it enable the Institute to predict mobility flows and make traffic safer. With a multidisciplinary team (with expertise in various fields), the Institute has now built up years of experience with large-scale research projects at local, national and international level. By carrying out these activities, it has been able to realise an impact on society, both socially and economically.

IMOB has high-quality driving simulators available for training and research purposes. Depending on the type of project, different peripherals can be integrated into simulators, such as eye tracking, HMI displays and EEG. Customised driving scenarios and post-simulation data collection and analysis are part of the solutions and services it offers.
Infranea has already been working together extensively with IMOB on numerous research projects, including the study into the renovation of intersections on Sint-Truidersteenweg (N80) in Hasselt. Recently, a study was also carried out, using the simulator, into the effect of the shadows cast by wind turbines on driving behaviour.

Our approach

Infranea has been involved right from the start of the research project. Using an integrated approach, we worked on the 3D model that served as input for the virtual reality (VR) model. This VR model served as a basis for research into driving behaviour in the simulator. The model was further enhanced with different route scenarios, the option of moving and adjusting the wind turbine, as well as time and weather conditions that influence the effect of the shadow. In addition, customised tooling was provided that allowed IMOB to collect and analyse data such as speed, acceleration, deceleration, indicator use, steering behaviour, braking behaviour and road positioning.

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