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Project description

Lantis, the commissioning party for the Oosterweel connection, awarded the contract for the implementation of the Rechteroever river sub-project plot 3B to the temporary company, Tijdelijke Maatschap Rechteroever Compleet (TM ROCO).

TM ROCO is comprised of the Belgian construction companies BESIX, CORDEEL, DEME, DENYS, FRANKI CONSTRUCT, JAN DE NUL, VAN LAERE, and WILLEMEN INFRA. The Rechteroever river sub-project, as a part of the Oosterweel Link, is the connection between the Scheldt Tunnel and the R1 ring road and travels both northbound and eastbound. The Oosterweel Link provides the final missing part of the Antwerp ring road.

The R1 ring road will be completely sunken and partially covered. This means that the Merksem viaduct will disappear and the urban planning undergo a complete transformation. It will become a modern green and society-friendly environment. Achieving all of this in the shortest possible time requires the temporary construction of a new R1 to the east of the existing R1.

The scale and complexity of the Rechteroever sub-project are unprecedented in Flanders. So, ROCO is particularly proud it was awarded this project. And that in a context where civil engineering groups need such projects for their relaunch and the further development of their expertise. This should also benefit exports.

ROCO is confident it has the specialised technical acumen in-house required for this large-scale project, which is a flagship endeavour for the civil engineering sector. At the contractual level, the commissioning party Lantis opted jointly with TM ROCO for an operational agreement based on openness, collaboration, and trust.

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Our approach

Infranea has supported ROCO from the very beginning of the tender process. We focussed on BIM process management, BIM coordination, parametric modelling of civil structures, groundwork, and the road network. Infranea supports ROCO by maintaining the object library, scripts for parametric modelling, and configuration of the common data environment.

Infranea staff work on centrally organised quality management, sub-projects, and environmental management. The digital work methods standardised by Infranea provided TM ROCO and LANTIS with high-quality models for plan production, quantity determination, and construction process simulation. This is how Infranea contributes to improving the living conditions and accessibility of the Antwerp region.



Start: 2021

End: 2030




Besix, Cordeel, Deme, Denys, Franki Construct, Jan de Nul, Van Laere, Willem en Infra

Project Budget

Eu 2.350 million (ex VAT)

Project Coordinator

Maarten Van Den Berg

From the BIM working group, we have developed common methods with ROCO and LANTIS for modelling, coordinating and managing project information. At ROCO, we focused early on on the development of scripts for the automated implementation of structural elements. Our modellers can update a tunnel model in a few days, which used to be three weeks of work. Thanks to this approach, ROCO can investigate different variants within the value engineering process.

Maarten van den Berg

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