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Infranea helps achieve the digital transformation of the infrastructure sector with BIM.

Collaboration is the key to success

Coordination, communication and transparency are the keys to the success of any complex infrastructure project. BIM essentially enables multidisciplinary collaboration, instead of a silo approach. Thanks to BIM, this collaboration is more controlled, transparent and on one central platform.

Our BIM managers are the directors

An Infranea BIM manager receives a mandate from the client to act as advisor and coordinator in implementing the interdisciplinary BIM design and implementation process. As such, the BIM manager is ideally placed under the authority of the project manager. The BIM manager directs and supervises the BIM team during the implementation of the BIM plan. Infranea makes it a point of honour to train and supervise its BIM managers to a very high level for these strategic assignments.

Detecting potential conflicts

Using modern BIM software, potential conflicts are detected, visualised and reported at an early stage. This makes communication more transparent and greatly reduces failure costs on the construction site.

Clash detection thanks to BIM

With coordination software, models from different disciplines are merged and inspected for clashes. Where different parts of models clash with each other, a conflict is flagged up. These conflicts are then reported and followed up during the BIM service meetings.

The advantages of BIM services:

  • Improved collaboration
  • More transparency
  • Better communication
  • Integration of BIM models
  • Single-point-of-truth
  • Clash detection

Pride in our work

Our expert

The basis of BIM is laid down in an integral 3D model, because in three dimensions the advantages and disadvantages of a complex design become obvious much more quickly. All design drawings from the various teams that work together are combined in one system. This allows us to identify bottlenecks early and reduce failure costs.

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