Infranea joins VK Architects & Engineers.

Infranea further empowers its ambitions in digital engineering through upscaling.

VK Architects & Engineers is a design and engineering office with more than 65 years’ experience and is primarily active in Healthcare Design and Building Engineering in Europe and South-East Asia. Owing to both companies’ shared values, complementary expertise and increased scale, Infranea intends to further empower its ambitions in 3D design, BIM services and VR simulations. We asked for a brief explanation from Infranea founder and CEO Johan Kuppens.

Why take this step?

“With all our colleagues together, we’ve built up a fantastic company with a unique position, a strong reputation and a culture all its own. It was my wish that Infranea could continue to grow, even once I – given my age – would have to let it go. That’s why I’ve decided to go out in search of a new home, where Infranea can continue to develop.”

Why take the plunge with VK Architects & Engineers?

“VK Architects & Engineers and Infranea are an ideal match. They’re a larger player with around 300 experts. They’re at the top of their game in the architectural and structural design of complex buildings, such as the Courthouse in Antwerp or the NATO building in Brussels. But their activities in the infra sector are also very limited, as is their presence in the Netherlands. But that’s exactly what Infranea has to offer!”

What is going to change at Infranea?

“Infranea will carry on working autonomously, under the same name and with the existing team from our offices in Breda, Antwerp and Valencia. Both parties will be actively looking for ways they can enhance one another and what they can learn from each other. That cross-pollination is sure to open up new possibilities for all staff and clients!”

What will Johan Kuppens be doing himself?

“It’s definitely not goodbye yet (laughs). For myself, I’ve agreed a transition period of at least three years in which I’ll also be taking on a role as Digital Director at the group level with VK, alongside Infranea. The digital transformation of the construction sector remains a fascinating challenge! The focus of Infranea’s management team will remain further growth, on all fronts, along with our colleagues from VK Architects & Engineers!”

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