Junctions renovated at Sint-Truidersteenweg (N80), Hasselt

Project description

At the request of AWV-Limburg, we carried out research using the traffic light simulator.
The subject of the study was the traffic lights at the Sint-Truidersteenweg (N80) in Hasselt, which had to be extensively modified due to the redevelopment of this junction and the planned IKEA store. The drastic change and other new developments required that five traffic-light (VRI) controlled crossings be built on this stretch of road each within a distance of 500 metres. The challenge here is to properly pre-sort the traffic at the right time, so that visitors to the IKEA branch do not create unsafe situations by accidentally driving onto the various slip roads for the E313.
A number of test subjects (road users) thoroughly analysed different signalling concepts during the study. In particular, research was carried out into the perceptibility and interpretation of the information by road users and their individual behaviour (Human Factors analyses). Based on this, it was scientifically substantiated which signalling concepts could work safely and properly. The goal was to find the best concept.

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Period start/end: 2015

Project Budget

80.000 eu


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