Digital engineers with a passion for 3D design

Infranea helps achieve the digital transformation of the infrastructure sector with 3D computational design.

3D design is the basis of Digital Engineering

Infranea uses the most advanced 3D design software, from Autodesk and Bentley Systems among others. Our digital engineers first ‘build’ projects in 3D. That way, they can then produce the 2D drawings, phasing and quantities almost automatically

Computational design is the future

With the latest 3D design software, Infranea’s digital engineers can now also define the logic and rules of a design, and not just static geometry. This allows powerful computer algorithms to recalculate alternatives and optimisations much faster, right up to the best solution. This approach also guarantees the quality assurance of the design process.

The advantages of 3D design:

  • Optimising design
  • Detecting conflicts
  • Reducing construction costs
  • Enhancing insight
  • Reliable quantities
  • Rapid design modifications
  • Evaluating more alternatives

Pride in our work

Our expert

An integral 3D model delivers much faster, flawless design solutions. In other words, of much better quality. The production costs of drawings and quantities are also drastically lower. This allows design modifications and optimisations to be implemented efficiently, and the work preparation and implementation teams always have reliable information at their disposal.

Jur Fijen

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