Rotterdam (Netherlands)

Project description

In the Rotterdam port area, the Havenspoorlijn (port railway line), the first part of the Betuweroute, will be constructed. The new route, the Theemswegtracé, will be completed in 2021 and will solve the problems at the Calandbrug near Rozenburg.

The Theemswegtracé is approximately 4 km long. The railway passes two arched bridges (at the Thomassentunnel and the Rozenburgsesluis) and reconnects to the existing railway at the A15 motorway. Construction of the Theemswegtracé involves modifications to roads, railways, cables and pipelines. The substructure for the Theemswegtracé (the railway viaduct and modifications to the road network) will be built by the SaVe consortium of contractors. Construction started in September 2018

Our approach

Infranea plays an important role in determining BIM strategy and processes in order to achieve effective cooperation between all stakeholders and improve the application of the BIM system. Among other things, the elaboration of a highly detailed BIM model in 4D for simulations of the implementation planning plays a crucial role for the integral project meetings, but also as an instruction for realisation and input for safety sessions.

In this challenging environment, both the Rotterdam Port Authority and the consortium of contractors SaVe could see the use of the BIM system as an essential instrument for the controlled implementation and logistics of the project.


The use of the BIM service model on the Theemswegtracé project brings considerable added value, given its complexity, especially in terms of safety and communication. This is reflected, among other things, in the integral considerations as regards the profile of free space in relation to cables, pipelines and underpasses. It also provides insight into the various road phasings, the assembly of bridge sections and the installation of the two steel bridges into their definitive location. It is therefore a useful tool to be able to work together integrally, within and outside the project organisation

Marc Becht, Process Manager TWT


Start date: 2016
End date: 2021


Rotterdam Port Authority in collaboration with Prorail and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment


  • Besix
  • Dura Vermeer
  • Mobilis TBI
  • Hollandia Infra
  • Eiffage – Iemants

Project Budget

€162 million

Project Coordinator

Jaap de Boer

As a virtual construction partner, we literally provide insight into all relevant information of the project, supported by a construction information model. The evolution of this aspect goes hand in hand with the willingness to work together and share project information. It is nice to see that the whole team, including our principal, have taken to this.

Jaap de boer

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