Antwerpen (Belgium)

Project description

The Noorderlijn project makes the north of Antwerp accessible in various ways by tram and metro. The Operaplein will also be transformed into a safer environment for cyclists and pedestrians, with only one tram stop and a parallel road for local traffic at the surface. Underground parking, bicycle storage and the existing pre-metro station will be renovated and expanded. The Rooseveltplaats will also be redesigned to ensure better safety.

Our approach

Virtual Reality offers the opportunity to view projects that are still running from close-up in a virtually-simulated version of reality. In this way, the customer can still find things that need improving, but the viewer can also experience what everything will look like even before it is actually built.

Static images, animated films and 360° renders are very easy to share via social media in order to get an initial picture of what the future will bring. Firstly, the existing BIM model in Revit was adapted to the correct technical plans, after which it was exported in parts to 3D Studio Max.



Start date: April 2017
End date: October 2017


  • City of Antwerp
  • De Lijn
  • Agency for Roads and Traffic
  • Tram contractors
  • Unfold


  • Infranea
  • Noorderlijn architects

Project Coordinator

– Patricia Moreno, BIM Manager

patricia-quote infranea

We got a really immersive model. The environment was quite explicative for all kind of citizens to understand the changes of this refurbished urban environment.

Patricia Moreno, BIM-Manager

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